EGRIP expedition 2018 – Thomas Röckmann


Day 19: Return to Kangerlussuaq

This morning Thomas Blunier and myself had to get up at 7 to finish packing the pallets for the aircraft, so it was a short night after last night’s party. Then it was waiting, while our drilling team was driving back to the firn air site to drill some more meters. But then, about an…

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Day 18: Surface snow sampling and last day in EGRIP camp

Today I took the opportunity to collect some snow samples. I want to bring these samples back to Utrecht because Dusan Materic in our group will analyze organic compounds in the snow. So after breakfast I went out together with Tobias and Alexandra to the clean snow area on the west side of the camp…

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Day 17: Packing for return and other activities

Last night, midsummer at midnight sun at midnight – a breathtaking view of the EGRIP camp: Our firn air project finished earlier than expected. Today we packed our equipment and cleaned up most of the firn air camp. Only the drill and the logging tent are still there since Johannes and Camilla continue to drill…

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Day 15: short update

In the firn air camp today we reached a level (about 66 m) where the flow of air got very low. The CO2 concentration indicates that the air is from the 1980s. We managed to fill all the low-volume samples, even we were not able to sample the same amount than at other levels. We…

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The deep ice core drilling project at EGRIP

As I wrote before, the main goal of EGRIP is to drill an ice core that is about 2550 m long. We can see in real time on a screen in the main Dome how far the drillers are. At this moment (I have just taken the photo) they have reached 1153.28 m and are…

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Day 12: Saturday Night Party

It is Sunday today, and this means no breakfast, and a brunch at 1 pm, because it turned out to be a long party last night. Only some of us (guess who) were working again relatively early…. Anyway, the Saturday Night Dinner starts at 19:00, but since we had some delays in the firn air…

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