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EGRIP expedition 2018 – Thomas Röckmann


Day 19: Return to Kangerlussuaq

This morning Thomas Blunier and myself had to get up at 7 to finish packing the pallets for the aircraft, so it was a short night after last night’s party.

Then it was waiting, while our drilling team was driving back to the firn air site to drill some more meters.

But then, about an hour later than planned, the plane had landed, we boarded had a last look back….

and soon we were in the air – and I fell asleep despite the noise. I woke up half an hour before landing, just in time to see again the meltwater lakes on the ice and on the land.

And now I am back in Kangerlussuaq. Probably I have to wait until wednesday to fly further, but maybe I can change my flight tomorrow (it looks like the planes are full, however….)

I had an incredible and unforgettable experience on the ice sheet and want to thank all who made this possible, especially Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, the coordinator of EGRIP, my colleague Thomas Blunier who invited me for the firn air sampling and Anders Svensson, the Field Operations Manager at EGRIP during my stay there. And then the entire firn air sampling team for a fantastic teamwork.